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We are a boutique software studio developing modern mobile and web applications.

We also provide consultation for businesses wishing to modernize their applications, deployments and infrastructure.

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Born of a desire for quality, elegance and rapid release, is a collection of seasoned Software Developers, Infrastructure / Cloud Architects and Application Solutions Architects.

With decades of combined experience, the team is poised to tackle projects both small and large for all manner of business verticals.

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What We Do

Modern Software Development and Consulting Services.

Mobile App Development is building a next generation mobile app designed to connect merchants to consumers in a more personal way.

Web Application Development

The team leverages modern development frameworks to deliver reliable, performant web applications.

Infrastructure Automation

The team strongly believes in safe, reliable and rapid deployment. This begins with TDD, ends with CD and ecompasses everything in between. We believe that everything should be version controlled, including your infrastructure (IaC)!

The team can help your organization take those tedious, manual processes and convert them to a fully deployed cloud datacenter!

Consulting Services has a team of highly experienced professionals with decades of experience developing, deploying and launching large scale web applications. We would be happy to share our experiences and lessons learned to help take your infrastructure and applications to the next level.


Message Studio Services

Integration and Customization Development

Need to integrate your Message Studio platform with your 3rd party applications? We can help Coding & QA

  • Integrate with your downstream data
  • Simple-to-use APIs to integrate with other systems
  • Custom reporting integrations
  • Custom content tools
  • And more...

If you have a software idea to make your day-to-day work easier, we can help! Bring us your ideas, or ask us for ours!

  • Custom ETL applications
  • Custom tools utilizing MS APIs

Administration & Monitoring Services

Message Studio Administration Services (MSAM):

  • Message Studio environment discovery and documentation (architecture, network, integrations, customizations)
  • Application administration best practice implementation (care and feeding)
  • Quarterly environment and architecture reviews
  • Application performance tuning
  • Assisted upgrades (2 full upgrades per year, unlimited service pack updates)

Message Studio Monitoring Services (MSMS):

  • SaaS Monitoring Platform
  • Comprehensive Message Studio Application monitoring plugins
  • Customer dashboard
    • Uptime and Alert reporting
    • Define maintenance and notification intervals
  • Send Alert notifications:
    • Your identified contact
    • team for responsive action (when coupled with MSAS)

Data and Content Architecture

Data Architecture:
Analysis and review of your data sources to ensure:

  • Proper structure
  • Best design for customizing your emails
  • Load & Volume analysis

Content Architecture:
We literally wrote the book on how to get the most out of your email with Message Studio. Let us:

  • Provide guidance to make your personalization easier to manage.
  • Create advanced customizations to make your emails more personal.
  • Troubleshoot your content blocks.

Documentation and Training

If you need your processes documented, or even if you just want some additional Message Studio documentation, we can provide professional documentation in a variety of ways:

  • PDF
  • Custom Google site or Microsoft Sharepoint Space (or other)
  • Video
  • And others

New staff? Original staff that needs advanced training? Want to learn how to do more with content blocks? We can help!

  • Message Studio for Beginners
  • Basic Personalization
  • Advanced Personalization Techniques
  • Understanding Data Sources
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • And more...

Meet the team!


Shawn Titus

(Product and Marketing)

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some great teams and to have a varied bag of experience. Today, I’m grateful to partner with Mike and Seb in building a company that creates great software!

At, I manage Product & Marketing. For Message Studio clients, I am a Data & Content & Solutions Architect, and own Documentation & Training.


Mike McMurray

(President, Architect)

I have always had a passion for software, especially for the development process and infrastructure behind it. At, we take pride in building software leveraging modern principles and technologies. I am blessed to lead a team that embraces this culture and produces amazing software!

As the Founder at, I manage day-to-day operations of the business, lead software engineering initiatives and am principle for infrastructure architecture projects.


Sebastien Malbois

(Partner Relations, Software Development)

After working for over 20 years across many different software companies, teams, products & geographical markets (USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Argentina), I am very excited to bring my passion for technology and customer success to life in an entrepreneurial environment with a great team of like-minded creative spirits at

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